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Thirty five miles off Cape Cod, Nantucket is a small remote island in Massachusetts that is just 14 miles long and three and a half miles wide, but is breathtakingly relaxing, charming and a perfect retreat once the summer crowds have disappeared.

Don’t even bother to consider the Hamptons or Martha’s Vineyard, the tourist hotspot, this is the real beauty for those in the know: pale soft sand beaches, long flat cycling paths, postcard pretty colonial houses (with the title of the most historic city in the US thanks to the number of carefully preserved whalers cottages and buildings), long rose and lobster lunches and fresh, fresh air.

If this is not a place for rejuvenation of the soul with a wonderful backdrop of colonial history, nothing is.


Key must-dos are Cru (oysters and lobster rolls), Nantucket Culinary Center (foodie mecca and cooking classes), the classic Black Eyed Susan's (comfort food and big breakfasts) but the absolute favourite on a warm sunny day is Galley Beach. Just go there and you'll see - and don't drive - the cocktails are divine.


Stay at the Wauwinet, White Elephant or Greydon House for lovely views, service and locations. Rent bikes and cycle around the cobblestone streets filled with luxury boutiques, restaurants, museums, and even a historic Meeting House where, every Fourth of July, the Declaration of Independence is read. An absolute must-do is a visit to the fascinating Nantucket Whaling Museum (we love it so much we go every year and can now recite the lecture) and the Samuel Owen Gallery, the old home of Captain George Pollard of The Essex, which inspired Moby-Dick. For more active days, hit the Nantucket Island Surf School and enjoy some great surf at Cisco Beach and then enjoy beautiful sunsets at Madaket Beach.


As the world's previous whaling capital, if a history lover, there are a myriad of books to read about this beautiful island. Start with Away Off Shore by Nathaniel Philbrick, Hidden History of Nantucket, Moby Dick and for anything holiday romance turn to a Nantucket native, Elin Hilderbrand.


Anything for you to chill to with a sundowner in hand and sitting on the pale sandy beach watching a beautiful sunset. Air Moon Safari, Teardrop Massive Attack, Sure Thing St Germain are always old favourites.