Hester Bly is luxury travel-inspired resort brand curated for a specific destination.

We are excited to launch the Palm Springs Collection!

The Hester Bly Palm Springs Collection is inspired by the bold vibrancy and glamorous fun of Palm Springs in the late 1960s.

Poolside cocktail silhouettes reflect modernist architectural shapes of concentric circles, scalloped and conical structures that create light and the feeling of space, creating a seamless day-to-night collection.

Drawing upon the vivid colours of Palm Springs front doors, Slim Aarons society photos and the elaborately constructed concrete walls, designed to keep scandalous secrets safe in this golden-age Hollywood hideaway, this collection evokes the free and easy spirit of a decadent playground.

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Our Story and Our Storytellers


Hester Bly is a luxury travel-inspired womenswear resort brand that was born from a strong love of learning, discovering the treasures of the world and the boundless joy and freedom the art of travel bestows.


Hester Bly is the culmination of a life-long and never-ending passionate search of the most beautiful travel pieces that enhance the beauty of every women and breathe seamlessly in the surroundings of every travel destination.


As a symbol and in celebration of iconic female explorers and travel pioneers, the name “Hester Bly” combines the names of the first-of-their-kind adventurers:

“Queen of the Desert” Lady Hester Stanhope and Nellie Bly.


Born a hundred years apart either side of an ocean, both women were history-makers in their own right and possessed a strong, individual style and spirit which is lovingly passed on in every single stitch of a Hester Bly piece.


Each Hester Bly collection is designed for a global destination, inspired by and drawing upon local colours, textures and cultural stories, thereby creating a unique curated wardrobe specific for the destination.